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Horses Take A Nap And Majestically Pass Gas

Liz Mitten Ryan is the owner of a special horse retreat called Equinisity. The retreat is famous for its beautiful, natural surroundings and wildlife, including several wild horses. Although the horses at Equinisity have all been raised with plenty of human love and affection, they pretty much have the run of …

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Your Most Common Questions About Syria, Answered

Unless youre Gary Johnson, you probably already know Aleppo as the capital of war-torn Syria thats been in crisis for the last like, four years (so like, if instead of doing undergrad, you were in a civil war). Well, that humanitarian crisis exploded (literally) over the weekend as Syrian government …

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40% of Muslims in Denmark ‘want Quran-based laws’

Bernie Sanders, call your office. Not all is right in socialist Denmark: An earlier poll found that Denmark’s Muslims are more devout than they were 10 years ago, with a stunning 77.2% saying“that the Qurans instructions should be followed completely.” This jump in pro-Sharia love among Denmark’s immigrants was unexpected, …

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