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Science Says Dogs Are Better Friends Than People

Dogs are the purest beings in this world, and yes, Im including Beyonc so dont ask. Theyre our confidantes, our companions, and most importantly, they listen to all our problems without judgment because they dont have a very good grasp on English beyond no, stay, seriously, no, I mean it, …

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The Best ‘Bachelor’ Recap You’ll Ever Read: Week 5

Rose Ceremony These two idiots debating what emotional intelligence is makes about as much sense as Jax Taylor giving a lecture on foreign policy. Taylor: I never said youre stupid, I just dont think youre very emotionally intelligent. Corinne: That’s not what I’m talking about, you dumb bitch – Things …

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Your Most Common Questions About Syria, Answered

Unless youre Gary Johnson, you probably already know Aleppo as the capital of war-torn Syria thats been in crisis for the last like, four years (so like, if instead of doing undergrad, you were in a civil war). Well, that humanitarian crisis exploded (literally) over the weekend as Syrian government …

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