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Kid Rock, The Rock and our rocky future

(CNN)It looks like these days everyone with a Wikipedia entry or a star on the Walk of Fame is thinking of running for public office. Another Rock — former professional wrestler turned action star-hero “The Rock,” Dwayne Johnson — might be the person challenging President Donald Trump for re-election in …

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We need to hear FBI nominee’s view on hate crime epidemic

(CNN)With hate crimes increasing in the past year throughout the country, too many Americans are fearful they will become the next target of violence simply based on their race, religion, gender, disability, national origin, gender identity or sexual orientation. Hateful rhetoric and the violence inspired by such rhetoric makes us …

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Donald Trump Jr. astonishes America

(CNN)Donald Trump Jr.’s decision to take a meeting with a Russian lawyer who had alleged ties to the Kremlin may be the most baffling move by a high-level political operative in recent memory. Second only to his apparent thinking that such a meeting would be a good decision. In short, …

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What goes on in the mind of ‘trolls’

(CNN)Here we are today, in Donald Trump’s version of “modern day presidential”: Random badly behaved men on the Internet suddenly find their juvenile online aliases thrust into the national spotlight, as “HanA**holeSolo” did this week when he conceded he had created the Trump v. CNN meme — and it was …

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Serena’s ace bests McEnroe’s double fault

(CNN)Learning how to handle bad calls is something Serena Williams — and every other tennis player at her level — has had to learn, and learn well. She most recently displayed her ability to do this off the court in her response to the former bad boy of tennis, John …

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McConnell’s test: Can he do more than obstruct?

(CNN)Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is facing a major test this week. Since revealing the details of the Republican health care plan, McConnell has watched as a number of important senators in his own party announced their concerns or opposition. Some, such as Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, have urged him …

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